München Legends Cars founded in 2012 is a specialized company dealing only with old & youngtimers BMW's cars (starting from the 60's)

The concept is at start a story between passionnates about the brand and all existing models from the 1929's 3/15.

München Legends Cars directly applies the " Freude am fahren " philosopy - litterally joy when driving, translated to " The Ultimate Driving Machine " and offers to any buyer or owner of an old BMW to fully enjoy his car, with optimal conditions regarding security and operation in a substainable way no matter its condition when bought.

This way, the history continues ...

München Legends Cars company has an exclusive BMW know-how, with all technical BMW workshop manuals, special BMW old work tools. Both are the warranty of the full respect of all BMW original instructions.

The agreement by the BMW Club de France confirms serious commitment regarding the seriousness and prestation quality, especially as more than 99% of parts employed are new original BMW parts …

The range of services is focused on 6 ways :

   - Advice : about technical, tips , research of cars, market assessment of cars

   - Maintenance : mechanical, bodywork, glasses replacement .

   - Restoration : up to complete reconstruction.

   - Spare : used or new parts.

   - Upgrade : engine, body, for competiton use.

   - Deposite sales.

Frédérik Tellier, passionate owner of München Legends Cars is your exclusive and specialized contact who offers you more than 20 years of experience in automotive business and more than 33 years of experience in the old & youngtimers BMW …

The workshop is only 17 kms away from Lille and one hour from Calais, with an easy access by A25 motorway.

Easily accessible from anywhere within Europe and more, München Legends Cars offers to come and get the customer who would like to from Lille Europe TGV train station and from Lille-Lesquin, Bruxelles Zaventem or South Bruxelles Charleroi airports.

All jobs benefit from a on-date photographic review accessible at anytime by the customer.

Access to industrial treatement methods allow a high quality and long-life restoration : glassblasting, sodablasting, tribofinition, sandblasting, epoxy painting, bi-chromating etc..

Specifics works on engine like reboring and/or complete refabrication of mechanical parts are subcontracted to specialized company using more recent and performant tools in terms of dimensional controls and CNC machine in order to guarantee the best precision available.

Any repair on crankshaft is systematically followed by a new nitriding under Tenifer®process.

Don't hesitate to book an appointment and come on site to get acquainted and keep your passion fresh …